The Technologies


Operating Microscope

_MG_0487_1177A microscope is now essential to be able to make the cleaning and intricate shaping of a root canal more precise. It allows us to see the finer details in the tooth for effective instrumentation and diagnosis. These details are often not visible with the naked eye or dental loupes.

A cone beam CT scanner is invaluable in treating complex cases but is not indicated in every case. At present we refer patients to another practice for such a scan if deemed necessary.

Digital Radiography

This is the equivalent of X-Rays but allows us to reduce the radiation dose to the patient significantly. The images are also displayed on a monitor, which is much larger than the previously used X-ray film, which further enables us to see things in much more detail. Sometimes, being able to manipulate the images can be helpful in making a diagnosis. Also, the use of a monitor can be invaluable in explaining procedures to patients.

Nickel Titanium Rotary Instruments

These are the fine instruments that are used to shape and remove debris from the root canal. Nickel titanium results in the instruments being far more flexible and less likely to fracture. The instruments are motor-driven which reduces treatment time.

Cross Infection Control

All instruments are passed through a washer disinfector and an autoclave. Our practice prides itself in that we provide best practice rather than essential standards in our sterilisation process. Where possible we use disposable products.



Dental Chair

Most endodontic appointments are an hour and a half long. We understand the need for a comfortable visit, which is provided by our top of the range Adec 500 chair. We receive numerous compliments about the chairs comfort and luxury.



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