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Mr Khatri’s philosophy is to support referring dentists in three ways.

Mr Khatri completed a postgraduate masters degree with distinction in Endodontics in 2012. His interest in endodontics is longstanding and precedes his MSc. He started using rotary endodontics (Profile) in 1998, warm vertical condensation  since 2000 (System B and Obtura) and a Zeiss Pico operating microscope since 2008. He has been accepting referrals from general dental practitioners since 2005 totalling 740 referrals to date.  The combination of passion, experience, knowledge and equipment allow him to achieve a high success rate in treating complex root canal treatments.


Mr Khatri and his team treat every referral with the highest level of care and professionalism. He is passionate about providing the highest standard of endodontic treatment, mindful of patients comfort throughout. Following completion of treatment, the patient is referred back to his/her own dentist for final restoration.

Mr Khatri’s high standards are achieved by:

Depending on the instruction of the referral, we will often place the core at the completion appointment. This ensures that the coronal seal is placed and has an impact on the long-term outcome. We will not however provide any final/cusp-protected restoration or any further restorative treatment will not be carried out unless specifically requested by the referring dentist. Mr Khatri is sensitive to the fact that many general dental practitioners  are capable of carrying out more advanced dentistry. A referral to our practice for endodontic treatment will result in the patient only having that treatment undertaken and we will hand the patient back to the referring dentist for final restoration.

Mr Khatri will explain at great length the difficulties and the complexities of endodontic treatment to the patients that have been referred and this often helps to settle potential disputes and misunderstandings between referring dentist and patient.

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